8 Tips for Mowing a Healthy Lawn

Your approach to grass cutting impacts the appearance and overall health of your lawn. It is important that you follow a few simple tips to ensure that your grass cutting techniques are worthwhile and keep your property looking its best. Start with the eight tips below if you want a great lawn.

1.    Be careful not to scalp your grass. Scalping occurs when the grass is cut too closely to the ground. Keep your lawn mower blades properly adjusted to avoid sparse grass.

2.    Compost your clippings!

3.    Don’t mow in the same direction every time because this creates compacted soil which creates a variety of issues.

4.    Cut the grass regularly and make sure to promptly remove weeds. This ensures you maintain curb appeal and healthy grass structure.

5.    Hire a lawn care professional to cut the grass. When you hire someone else for lawn mowing arlington va, they’ll take care of your lawn, putting their expertise to work for your lawn

6.    Keep the mower blades sharp. They dull very quickly and this leads to improper cutting that ruins the health of your grass.

7.    If grass is in a shady area, leave it slightly higher than the grass that is in sunlit areas.  It needs the added length to retain moisture.

8.    Don’t cut the grass when it is wet or moist. This can lead to improper cutting and a number of additional problems that kills your grass.

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Use the above tips to keep your lawn healthy and thriving when it is time to cut the grass. It’s fairly easy to maintain a great lawn with little effort and just a bit of work put into things.  You’ll love the results of your lawn when you take the time to use the information to your advantage.

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