3 Things to Do After Flood Damage

Flood damage can be extensive after heavy rains, leaving your home in danger, along with all of the belongings you’ve worked so hard to own. It is always best to know how to respond in the event of a flood at your home. Knowing how to respond can eliminate some of the stress of this event and ensure that less damage occurs. Read below to learn three important steps to take after sustaining flood damage minneapolis.

flood damage minneapolis

1.  Clean What You Can

A wet/dry vac comes in handy to clean a home that’s been damaged by flood waters. Remove any salvageable items before you begin cleaning and be sure to use the vac on items like furniture and curtains in addition to the floors. Anything that you can remove from the home will also help begin the cleaning process and get things going on the right path.

2.  Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

Once you’ve cleaned the home and taken care of the things that you can yourself, call a water damage restoration company. They’ll come to the home and clean the damage lurking beneath the surface as well as anything that you weren’t able to clean. The professionals come with the tools, experience and expertise, and know-how to complete the work. They’ll revive the home and help keep any mold damage away while minimizing the risks of odors as well.

3.  Call the Insurance Company

Hopefully you have flood insurance in place. This coverage provides some financial relief for the damage that’s been left behind. If you did have flood insurance, take a breath of relief and call the insurance company to start the claims process. The sooner you file your claim, the sooner you’ll get the money needed to rebuild after this event.

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